The HF scientific Advantage

Easy-to-use, compact municipal water quality analyzers with the most value

icon-cost-savings_hands.pngCapital Cost Savings

  • No need to purchase a separate controller and analyzer, for up to 23% savings on upfront capital costs*
  • ModBus and 4-20 mA standard on all online analyzers at no added cost
  • Unique Just Add Water powder reagent for affordable shipping and 5-year shelf life
  • Assembled in the USA and shipped based on weight for lower cost, faster arrival, and no customs issues

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HygienicPro: Sanitation Reimagined

Round Shape Inhibits Bacterial Growth

Channel Design Saves Time and Money

Easy, Cost-effective Maintenance

  • Up to 20% savings on annual costs of reagents and maintenance*
  • Ultrasonic feature standard on all turbidimeters at no added cost
  • No moving parts that could incur future service or maintenance costs

icon-space-savings_hands.pngMaximize Workspace

  • Compact design for easy retrofitting
  • No separate analyzer means minimal required wall space

Because Safe Drinking Water is Essential

We've designed durable, easy-to-use analyzers for industrial and municipal applications for the past 40 years. Partner with us for municipal water quality and measurement solutions you and those drinking your water can trust.

CLX Online Chlorine Monitor

  • Optional extended range to 15 mg/l ± 10% accuracy
  • Designed for unattended operation up to 30 days; Depending on sample cycle times and BWMS monthly operation times
  • EPA approved DPD method for chlorine measurement
  • Low reagent use for low operating costs

AccUView LED Online UV Analyzer

  • UVC LED light source
  • Monitors % Transmission and Absorbance of a water sample in real time
  • The most cost-efficient option on the market

MTOL+ Online Process Turbidimeter

  • EPA 180.1 approved
  • Built-in ultrasonic auto-cleaning and data logging
  • One-piece mounted design for simple mounting and minimal use of space
  • Cuvette system with single-day reusable standards allows for 3 minute calibrations on multiple analyzers

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*Compared to costs of competitor's analyzers, reagents, and annual maintenance requirements.