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Top 4 Considerations for Selecting Remote Controls for Boiler Systems

The Need for Remote Control

The Dreaded No Heat Call
  • It’s any property manager’s worst nightmare. You receive a call from tenants in the middle of a winter night. There’s no heat in the building – something must be wrong with the boiler system. You send your seasoned technician to check on the issue. That’s hundreds of dollars out of your pocket, only for the technician to call back saying they need a special part or a specific tool to fix the problem. The result is time lost and unhappy customers.
Sound Familiar?
  • Many property managers, facility owners, and boiler technicians have experienced a similar situation. And with good reason – managing a boiler system can be challenging, especially when you’re responsible for numerous boilers across multiple locations.
The Solution?
  • Avoid extra service trips by remotely monitoring your boiler systems.

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