Upgrading to a WiFi thermostat just got easier

Get the connected features you want without running new wire. Invita uses the existing 2 wires from any living space to connect to the mechanical room eliminating:

  • Pulling new wires
  • Patching and repairing walls
  • Batteries
  • Unreliable power stealing
  • Unreliable wireless solutions

Connected Features That are Easy-To-Use

Remote Access
The Invita Connect app allows you to adjust settings from home, work or anywhere in the world.
Change the Temperature
Slide the circles to select a ‘heat to’ and ‘cool to’ setting.
Save Energy
Select the ‘Away’ mode to reduce energy consumption when the space is not occupied.
Multiple Device Support
If you have more than one Invita installed, you can access them all from a single account.
Weather Display
The Invita can display weather and outdoor temperature using data from the internet or a connected outdoor air sensor.

WPA2 Security
Ensures data security and privacy with end to end encryption.

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Peace of Mind

The Invita will email you if there are signs of trouble with the HVAC equipment. When connected to a Watts FloodSafe Water Detector Shutoff, the Invita will also email you if the water is shut off due to a leak being detected.

Compliment Any Decor

With a slim, 9/16” profile, 5 custom display color themes and a choice of black or white finish, the Invita blends in beautifully.

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Equipment Compatibility

Up to 2-stage heating, 2-stage cooling, fan and 2 accessories.
Heat Pump
Up to 4-stage heating, 2-stage cooling, fan, reversing valve and 1 accessory.
Dual Fuel
For systems where the 1st stage must be off when the 2nd stage is operating.
Humidity Control
Control relative humidity for comfort and improved health.
HRV/ERV Ventilator
Recover energy while improving indoor air quality.
Auxilary Sensors
Connect to tekmar remote air / humidity, outdoor or floor sensor to extend control features.

Additional Resources

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Visit the Invita WiFi Thermostat 564 product page for more specifications and related information

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