Backflow presents a significant threat to your fresh water supply, meaning awareness of potential pitfalls is critical. A bad choice of backflow preventer can have disastrous consequences for your community, environment, and potentially, your bottom line.

Download the Top 10 Considerations for Specifying Backflow to learn:

  • Common causes for backflow, backsiphonage, and backpressure
  • How your system demand affects your backflow preventer performance
  • Installation options for backflow preventers
  • Local code compliance
  • More considerations for selecting the right backflow preventer

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Water Safety: Protecting Our Communities from Backflow Incidents

  • Understand the different types of backflow risks and how they can affect the homes, schools, and businesses in your community
  • Recognize the main causes of backflow
  • Select the right backflow solution for different applications

Backflow Incidents That Could Have Been Prevented: LEARN FROM 15 REAL-LIFE BACKFLOW CASE STUDIES

  • Understand how a variety of different backflow incidents that can occur despite strict regulations
  • Recognize why they happened and how they were resolved
  • Identify how they affected individuals, communities and plumbing professionals